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BOLA have introduced new bowling machine stands to improve operator protection and reduce set-up time.

BOLA Cricket Bowling Machine Stands on Wheels 2008

The BOLA Cricket Bowling Machine Stand on Wheels was introduced in 2005 to accept any BOLA bowling machine with no modification required. It enables the bowling machine to be easily wheeled around without dismantling and so maximises the time in use. It also addresses the Health and Safety issues which arise from operating a Bowling Machine. It offers the operator almost complete protection from the ball hit back by the batsman and a stable standing platform for safe operation. It also provides ease of use where storage space is available to ‘park’ the machine / stand assembly complete by drastically reducing set-up time and the potential of handling damage to the cricket bowling machine.

For 2008 BOLA have introduced a Compact Stand where storage space is at a premium. This stand is used with a step ladder.

BOLA Stand £550 ex VAT (plus delivery charge)

BOLA Compact Stand £356 ex VAT (plus delivery charge)




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